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From:<<Daniel Smith>>
Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 5:54 PM
Subject: More on PA Quarry Rebreather death

> Saw this on a message board. Posted from a person in the dive group:
> The following is what I know firsthand.
> The four of us drove up to Bainbridge on Saturday morning. Bobby was
diving an Inspiration Rebreather while instructing Adam on the use of a
> Rebreather. Sean and I were diving Nitrox and just tagging along to get
more dive time and check out a different quarry. I was the least experienced
> of the group with 30 dives and PADI Rescue / TDI Nitrox certification.
> The first dive was without incident. However, the water level of the
quarry was about ten feet low and the visibility was very bad, less than a
> in some places once the bottom was stirred up. Sean and I were buddies and
we ended the dive early because the poor visibility. We were all familiar
> with quarry diving in low visibility, having spent many hours in
Millbrook, but it just wasn't much fun. Bobby and Adam completed the
> requirements for the dive.
> After eating lunch during the surface interval we started the second dive.
We moved to a different area of the quarry where we heard that visibility
> was better. The plan for the dive was that Adam would perform the required
skills for the Drager Rebreather training and we would tag along. As a
> secondary goal we had hoped to locate the cement mixer.
> We started out as a group with Bobby and Adam as buddies and Sean and I as
buddies. We did a surface swim out to a buoy that we thought might mark the
> location of Cement Mixer. To give you an idea of the visibility we could
not see the platform at 15 feet that the buoy marked until we started the
> descent. We descended below the platform to the bottom at about 40 feet.
There was a thermo cline at about 25 feet below which the visibility was
> really bad, about five feet. At that point Bobby ran Adam through some
skills while Sean and I looked around, we didn't go far because of the low
> visibility.
> At that point Bobby signaled to Adam to join our buddy team and went off
by himself. This was not unusual, as he was not only certified as a solo
> diver but also as a solo diving instructor. At the time I thought that
Bobby had gone to find the cement mixer, since he was familiar with the
> and would come back and lead us to it. After some period of time we
decided to go up to the platform where the visibility was better. We hung
out on
> the platform working on skills until Adam called and end to the dive. We
made a surface swim to shore and got out of the water about an hour after
> dive started.
> Bobby had three hours of life support at the start of the dive but we were
concerned because it was unlike him to take off by himself for so long
> without telling us where he was going and when to expect him back. An hour
and a half after the dive started the three of us agreed to consider Bobby
> as a lost diver.
> We decided that for several reasons we should not attempt a search on our
> 1. Visibly was very bad and there were only three of us.
> 2. We did not know where Bobby was going in a big quarry.
> 3. The quarry operators had a boat to facilitate the search and were
familiar with the quarry.
> Sean remained at the entry point while I dropped Adam off at the top of
the cliff as a spotter while I continued on to the office to notify them.
> in turn notified the emergency response people and immediately sent down
people to operate the boat to conduct a search.
> When I got back to the entry point Sean had suited up and started out on
the surface to look for Bobby. I started gearing up to join him but before I
> got in the water the quarry operators had the boat moving and we decided
that since they were familiar with the quarry we should let them organize
> search and assist in any way we could.
> The surface search with the boat was unsuccessful. By that time the water
rescue team had arrived. The plan was that the rescue team would search one
> area and a second team including us would search another area under the
direction of the Quarry operator divers.
> Before either team got in the water another instructor found Bobby on the
bottom near the platform where we had been. I never got a chance to talk to
> him so I am not sure if he was searching or just happened upon him. Bobby
was brought to the shore and Dr. Newman who had responded with one of the
> emergency teams led the efforts to resuscitate him to no avail.
> Bobby was diving with an Inspiration Rebreather and redundant VR3
computers. We made sure that no one touched his equipment, which was taken
> custody by the authorities for analysis.
> We notified DAN on Saturday an requested that they worked closely with the
Coroner to make them aware of any special considerations for the autopsy
> because Bobby was diving a rebreather..
> The following is what I have heard but have not personally confirmed.
> The autopsy was to be performed Monday. As of yet I have not heard that
the results have been released.
> Bobby's equipment was being inspected by the authorities with the
cooperation of the Inspiration's manufacturer. Again as of yet, I have not
> that the results have been released.
> I do not believe that Adam is Bobby's step son as stated but they were
very close and Bobby was his as well as our diving mentor.
> My Speculations
> I am not sure what happened but I believe that Bobby was unconscious
before he knew there was a problem. I hope this was the case and that he did
> suffer. This is speculation based on the fact that he had multiple
alternate air sources that were not used and he was only 40 feet of water
were he
> easily could have made an emergency ascent.
> What I've concluded so far
> Do not dive solo! Even if you are willing to take the risk you should
consider the effect that your accident will have on others, your family,
> divers, the quarry or boat operators. Bobby was the most knowledgeable and
experienced diver I know if this could happen to him it certainly could to
> me.
> Keep track of your buddy! If for whatever reason they go unconscious you
only have five minutes to get them breathing again.
> I'll keep you informed as I learn more.
> MikeThe following is what I know firsthand.
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